Headache Injections

Understanding Headaches
According to the last NICE publication based on research done in 2011, over 6 MILLION people in UK suffer with migraine/ headache each year and 190,000 have migraine attached EACH DAY.

Headache is a pain in region of the head which occurs on one or both sides of the head. It can be isolated to a certain location, radiate or have a generalised quality. Headache can appear as sharp pain, throbbing or a dull ache. It can develop gradually or suddenly and may last even up to 7 days.

Migraines are a type of headaches that have special characters. It can cause severe throbbing pain usually on the side of the head. People suffering also report nausea, vomiting, extreme sensitivity to light and sounds as much as dizziness. This pain can last from few hours to couple of days.

Migraine usually progresses post Headache and most people can see a warning signs at the time of headache or even before. These could be visual problems, flashing, blind spots or tingling on of side of the face.

How to treat Headache/ Migraine

Most of us would reach towards oral pain killers such as Paracetamol, anti-inflammatories or slightly stronger Codeine based drugs which are usually prescribed by your GP/ Doctor. Stronger drugs based on codeine and opioids tend to, however; have side effects and in long term they can damage your stomach lining.

There are now alternatives to Oral Pain killers such as injection therapy.

What we need to know about injection therapy for headaches

Injection therapy is an injection around the peripheral nerves that mediate the headache. It can help with diagnosis and provides a pain relief.

Those injections can be performed used Steroids, Botox or Platelet Rich Plasma. Our Specialist Consultants do those injections under local anaesthesia and ultrasound guidance to ensure it is performed in the correct area each time.

Patients have release of pain from few months to few years post initial injection.

Difference between Steroid and PRP injection

Steroid injections
are commonly used as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Injection is performed under ultrasound guidance. Patients see results in approximately 1 week. The relief from pain can last up to several months (3-4 months).  This injection may need repeating in case of recurrence of the pain.
Risks of the steroid: All risks are low: dissolving the local fat, increased blood pressure, increased sugar levels, reducing immunity, osteoporosis.

Benefits: Pain Relief usually for many months.

Platelets rich plasms (PRP) injections are used to regenerate damaged tissue as they contain anti-inflammatory and growth factors. PRP uses natural healing purposes to stimulate growth of new tissue and help with inflammation with the area.

Risks of the PRP: None as it is your natural blood product, however it needs 3 sessions.
Benefits: Long Lasting pain relief, natural holistic approach.

How do you get diagnosed

Our state of art facility provides ability to offer MRI, Consultation and Treatment in one visit.

An MRI scan of your brain/neck would be organised for you on the same day as your Consultation.

The consultant will see you in clinic and review your MRI scan. You will receive an opinion on which form of treatment is best for you.

If you are approved for injection therapy, we will be able to perform this on the same day.

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